Big Data Analytics

With the humongous amount of data present all around us, Big Data Analytics has made it easy for all of us to analyse and process this data effectively and efficiently with ease. As India has a large agricultural sector, use of Big Data Analytics in this domain is also making its presence where all the agricultural data can be collected, processed and then analysed to come up with better decisions.

As per the agriculture funders, big data practice comprises of capturing all the relevant and appropriate data from a large number of sources and then translating them into actionable insights to solve a business problem and improve the business process at a fast pace. 

Real-time insights are provided to the farmers so that suitable and timely actions can be taken by them without causing much delay as this will hamper their crops which were not available to them previously. 

Data analysis not only creates awareness and more accurate knowledge but it also helps the supply and marketing chain of the industry. 

Information is power and the agriculture industry can now have access to them so that more efficient decisions can be taken up and how data analysis can help are as follows:

  1. Development of new seed traits 
  2. Precision farming 
  3. Food tracking 
  4. Positive effect on the supply chain 

With the advancement in technology and the education provided to the agriculture farmers about the use of Data analytics in their daily practices, the production level of crops are going to increase at a very high rate and the demand for their crops will automatically shoot up in the food market.