A Competition Book For FOOD SAFETY OFFICER


This book has been developed to discuss the fundamental and practical aspects of most of the food preservation methods which are important to Food safety officer. The book contains a huge accumulation of objective type questions. It is very much hoped that the book will create confidence among the candidates and the books will help them like an ideal teach.

The book contains beautifully designed contents and also gives the students a syllabus of food safety officer examination which will help the students to prepare for the examination in a well manner. Along with this, questions like Fill in the blanks and True and False are also provided along with a helpful glossary to make students familiar with the words and terms they go through the book.



A Competition Book for Food Safety Officer

Authors:  Er. Suresh Chandra, Mrs. Durvesh Kumari and Dr. S.K. Goyal

Publishers: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English




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