A2Z Solutions HORTICULTURE AT A GLANCE (Volume I) (Fruits and Plantation Crops)

This book is especially designed for those students who want to give exams of JRF/ARS/SRF/NET and various examinations conducted by UPSC/PSCs , graduates of agriculture or horticulture and all those interested to learn and understand this subject easily and quickly.

The book comprises of subjective type questions, MCQ’s , True or False, Fill in the blanks and Match the following including the frequently asked questions in the exams.

This book is not only helpful for the students but also for the teachers, examiners and experts who want to enhance their knowledge both for agriculture and horticulture and to prepare themselves for interviews and various competitive exams in the shortest time possible.



Authors: Dr. A.S. Salaria and Dr. B.S. Salaria

Publisher: Intellects – Nurtures to Excel

Year of Publication: 2016

Language: English