Agricultural Tractor and Machinery


This book has been written for the students of B. Tech Agriculture Engineering and B.Sc. Agriculture programmes and students appearing for various competitive examinations related to enterance tests for higher studies or related to different services. This book is mainly stuitable for undergraduate programmes in Agricultural Engineering and Agriculture for their course examinations and for the examinations such as  National Eligiblilty Test (NET), Graduate Apptitude test in engineering (GATE), Agricultural Research Services (ARS) and Indian Engineering Services  (IES).

This book has received tremendous response among the students so we are bringing you the up to date , second edition of the book wherein the syllabus on tractors an crop production machinery is covered. It also contains 2 parts i.e. Agricultural Tractors having 12 sections and Crop Production machinery having 8 sections. This book also contains a vast number of true or false , fill in the blanks and MCQ’s on agricultual tractors and crop production machinery .



Authors: D.N. Sharma, S. Mukesh and Vivek Balyan

Publisher: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 2021, 4th Edition

Language: English



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