Construction Management Systems


This is the 2nd edition of the book which covers a wide range of topics keeping in view the curriculum followed and the practices adopted in the field of civil engineering. The students and the readers find it difficult to access to the latest literature available in the field. Taking this into consideration, the author has tried his best to present the text. In order to make the book more useful for the students appearing at the AMIE exams (Section B) and various Indian universities and institutions.

The book has a complete information about the construction planning techniques, models, transportation and sequencing for solving problems by different methods.

The philosophy of the book is to emphasize the physical understanding of the basic concepts of construction management by the latest technique. Clarity of presentation is further augmented by the appropriate use of the figures and wide variety of typical worked examples. Both solved as well as unsolved problems are given at the end of each chapter for the quick review of the book.



Authors: S.B. Jha and Subhash Chander

Publisher: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 2nd Edition , 2016

Language: English



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