Crucials of Plant Breeding



  1. History
  2. Introduction
  3. Domestication, Plant introduction and acclimatisation
  4. Plant introduction
  5. Modes of reproduction in crop plants
  6. Self-incompatibility
  7. Male sterility
  8. Pure lines
  9. Quantitative and Qualitative Characters
  10. Biometrical Techniques in Plant breeding
  11. Heterosis and Inbreeding Depression
  12. Hybridisation: Techniques and Consequences
  13. Genetic Composition of Cross-pollinated Populations
  14. Mass selection
  15. Pedigree Selection
  16. Bulk method
  17. Backcross Methods of breeding
  18. Other Approaches to Breeding of Self-pollinated crops
  19. Population improvement
  20. Hybrid varieties
  21. Synthetics and Composite Varieties
  22. Clonal Selection
  23. Mutation in Crop Improvement
  24. Polyploidy in Plant Breeding
  25. Breeding for Drought Resistance
  26. Breeding for Disease Resistance
  27. Breeding for Insect Selection
  28. Breeding for Salinity and Mineral Stresses
  29. Breeding for Resistance to Heat and Cold Resistance
  30. Breeding for Protein Quality
  31. Breeding for Oil Quality
  32. Ideotype Concept in Crop Improvement
  33. Biotechnology in Crop Improvement
  34. Release of New Variety
  35. Quality Seed
  36. Intellectual Property Rights
  37. International Institutes for Crop improvements
  38. Organizations for Crop Improvements in India
  39. Model Questions


Author: Dr Varsha Kumari

Publishers: M/s Jain Brothers

Language: English

Year of Publication: 2022

Edition: 1st Edition

ISBN: 978-93-90576-59-3

Type: Paperback