Entomology At A Glance Vol-1: Basic and Applied Fundamentals


This book covers the entire field of entomology , step by step in the form of questions and answers to be specially useful for the interviews , vice- versa, comprehensive , preliminary examinations, etc. It includes insect origin, morphology, taxonomy, anatomy, physiology, toxicology, ecology, bio- control, hormones, pheromone, crop pests, pest management, apiculture, sericulture, lac culture, plant protection equipments, etc. It will be of great help in recollecting vast knowledge within short time. To meet the requirements of the students appearing in ASRB and other examinations, MCQ have also been framed and appended at the end of the book. The book also contains a comprehensive glossary of Entomological terms.



Authors: R.C. Saxena, R.C. Srivastava and L.L. Somani

Publisher : Agrotech Publishing Academy (Udaipur)

Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English



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