Extension: A Compilation of Terminology and Concepts



  1. Extension / Agricultural Extension
  2. Communication, Adoption and Diffusion
  3. Extension Methods
  4. Programme Planning and Evaluation
  5. Training and Human Resource Development
  6. Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  7. Extension Management and Motivation
  8. Entrepreneurial Development
  9. Research Methodology in Extension Education
  10. Rural Sociology and Educational Psychology
  11. Participatory Rural Appraisal
  12. Concepts of Youth and Gender
  13. Agribusiness Marketing
  14. Psychology
  15. Extension Terminology Roots From
  16. Programmes and Schemes in Agricultural Extension
  17. References


Extension: A Compilation of Terminology and Concepts

Authors: P. Radhakrishnan, N. Sriram and M. Asokhan

Publishers: M/s Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 2020

Language: English

Type: Paperback

ISBN: 978-81-944846-8-4