Introduction to Optimization (Operations Research)


Contents of the book

  1. Convex sets and linear programming problems
  2. Duality in linear programming and applications of linear programming
  3. Integer Linear Programming
  4. Non-Linear Programming
  5. Dynamic Programming
  6. Search techniques
  7. Sequencing and Scheduling
  8. Geometric Programming
  9. Semi Miscellaneous topics in linear and non linear programming
  10. Inventory models
  11. Queuing systems
  12. Stimulation
  13. Depreciation and replacement model
  14. Information theory
  15. Finite Markov chains
  16. Additional topics
  17. Decision analysis
  18. Forecasting
  19. Non-conventional optimization methods
  20. Computer Programmes in C-Language


Introduction to Optimization (Operations Research)

Author: J.C. Pant

Publishers: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 7th reprinted edition, 2015

Language: English



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