Mechanics of Solids MC 403


Contents of the book

  1. Introduction to Mechanics of solids.
  2. stress, strain and elasticity
  3. Mohr’s circle of stress and strain
  4. Thin walled pressure vessels
  5. Shearing Force and Bending moment in beams/ cantilevers
  6. Stresses in beams
  7. Slope and Deflection
  8. Torsion of Circular sections , helical springs and leaf springs
  9. Combined stresses
  10. Struts and Columns
  11. Strain Energy and impact: Theories of failure
  12. Thick Cylinders
  13. Curved Beam
  14. Unsymmetrical bending and shear center
  15. Riveted and welded connections
  16. Mechanical Properties and their testings
  17. Miscellaneous solved problems


Author: R.S. Vaishwanar

Publishers: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 7th Revised Edition, 2015

Language: English



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