Objective Agronomy


Objective Agronomy is a book with the compilation and relevant synthesis of 2500 questions which are packed into different topics of agronomy. The questions are frequently being asked in agricultural examinations across India are selected. This book will be really helpful for the students who are preparing for exams like JRF, SRF, Ph.D, ARS, ADO, ADA and other different competitive exams. As this is the first edition of the book and the answers are correctly given to the best of the authors knowledge and also the efforts have been made correct by thorough proof reading of the book.

This book has been prepared with really simple, clear and appropriate language making it comfortable for the students to understand and also covers core courses offered for the students of agriculture.



Authors: Dr. M.R. Deshmukh , Megha Dubey and Suchi Gangwar

Publisher: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: First Edition 2013

Language: English



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