Post Harvest Handling of Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers


In this book authors have systematically described post harvest handling, maturity of fruits and physiology and biochemistry of harvested fruits and vegetables , regulation of ripening , physiological disorders , packaging, irradiation, waxing storage, cooling, chilling injury, value addition, PTH, prolonging shelf life of cut flowers, freezing of fruits and vegetables, estimations, recipes of post harvest products and also given queries. This adds further utility of the book and the compiled information is really helpful for the students, teachers, examiners and specialists . This books fulfills the long felt need of the text book on post harvest handling for both under and post graduate students as well as PhD. Students.



Authors: Swati Barche and Kamal Singh Kirad

Publisher: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 2013 (2nd Edition)

Language: English



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