When we want to enhance our vocabulary we are always in a dilemma as to what is best to increase our vocabulary.

Well I would like to suggest all of you to read maximum of newspapers like Hindu, economic times, Indian express, the data present in these newspapers are very helpful and relevant enough to understand the topic of news discussed as well as the kind of vocabulary the editor uses is great and you tend to learn a lot of new words.

Newsapapers like Hindustan times and times of India are also good but the kind of language they use is very simple and insufficient especially for the students who are preparing for competitive exams.

Apart from this you can also refer to the newspapers like guardian, New York Times , LA times and many more.

Apart from reading newspapers you should also read novels especially of American authors and if you wish to read Indian authors then I would say a big no to those who write romantic novels because they are just for enjoyment sake of purpose but not for learning .

So ho ahead read best and extract maximum knowledge from whatever you read because it not only helps to boost your vocabulary but also gives you exposure to how to communicate with people without any kind of halt.


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