Numerical Problems in Agricultural Engineering


J.S. Nikhade, S.N. Rawat and V.M.Victor  have designed this book to introduce the basic concepts of Agricultural Engineering with the help of solved numerical problems and related exercise encountered in different fields in a very simple and straight manner. In this book students all the solved problems as well as the problems given for practice have been based on the same pattern as set in different competitive exams.

The book also contains a selection of 235 solved questions divided into 4 chapters covering all the major fields of agricultural engineering. The book is written for person/student appearing in various competitive examinations or they are related to different services or enterance tests for higher studies, its main focus is to cover GATE , NET, ARS ,SRF,etc. and also for the professionals associated with agricultural engineering.




Authors :J.S. Nikhade, S.N. Rawat and V.M.Victor


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