Objective Book on Livestock Production Management

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  1. Introduction to Livestock Production in India
  2. Livestock and poultry breeds of India
  3. Important livestock development programs in India
  4. Effect of climate on livestock production
  5. Animal health and hygiene
  6. Livestock housing and waste management
  7. Livestock feed and fodder production management
  8. Animal reproduction and breeding
  9. Livestock behaviour and welfare
  10. Livestock economics and marketing
  11. Cattle and buffalo production management
  12. Sheep and goat production management
  13. Swine production management
  14. Working animal production management
  15. Poultry production management
  16. Camel, Horse, Yak and Mithun Production Management
  17. Wildlife and Zoo Animal Management
  18. Laboratory animal production and management
  19. Fill in the blanks Questions
  20. Identify True or False Statements
  21. Reasons and Explanations
  22. Previous Year Memory Based Questions in LPM
  23. Terminologies related to Livestock Production Management
  24. Brainstorming questions
  25. Test your knowledge
  26. Appendixes


Objective Book on Livestock Production Management 

For J.R.F, S.R.F, NET, ARS, PhD and other competitive exams

Authors: Deepak Upadhaya, Subhasish Sahu, Madhu Mishra and Archana Sarangi

Publishers: Jain Brothers

Year of Publication: 2020

Language: English


ISBN: 978-81-944846-1-5

About the book

The book contains chapter-wise concise notes and very important objective questions on different topics as per the syllabus of the competitive exams in Livestock Production Management (Animal Science) with various tables, figures and diagrams.