Basis exhaustive consumer survey, the type of changes made are:
• The content is modified in LO / LoD pattern
• Pedagogical changes
• Addition of latest topics from syllabi like gib and cotter joints for strap ends of connecting rods and for rectangular rods, concept of stiffness in tension, bending and torsion, strain energy equations in tension, rubber springs and logenze joint and a web chapter
• Inclusion of digital components like QR codes

Salient features:
• LOD based approach helpful to secure better marks
• Case studies for exposure to critical design problems
• Objective Type Questions
• Hybridized sections like Quick Digest and solution Guide (will be helpful to perform better in exams



Design of Machine Elements

Author: V.B. Bhandari

Publisher: McGraw Hill Education

Year of Publication: 2017

Language: English


ISBN: 978-9339221126

About the book 

This book is written for the students who are pursuing AMIE Section B Mechanical Engineering. It is a reference book for the solved paper Design of Machine Elements and written by V.B. Bhandari in a lucid way for the understanding of students.


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